Sendgrid Connector

Our SendGrid connector will save you time and reduce risk when using Taxi for Email to build your emails and SendGrid to send them. It does this by allowing you to automatically send your mailings to any campaign or template within your SendGrid account or update existing templates that have already been set up.

Using the connector means you won’t have to manually download the HTML and upload or paste into SendGrid. You can export directly out of Taxi at the click of a button meaning a more seamless email creation process in Taxi. This automation and reduced number of manual steps means there is less risk of errors, so you can be confident in last-minute content changes.

The SendGrid connector also makes it much easier to create and export targeted emails. The power of Taxi’s personalisation and segmentation features can be used with this connector.

You can set up as many SendGrid campaign connectors in your Taxi for Email account as you need. This can be useful if you have separate staging and production SendGrid environments, or different SendGrid accounts for different brands or regions.

There are 3 different versions of the SendGrid connector: The SendGrid Campaign Legacy Connector Transactional Connector

Single Sends Connector

All differ in how they manage sending multiple versions of the same email. Depending on the type of email you’re wanting to send to SendGrid, you’ll need to choose the corresponding connector.

SendGrid Campaign Legacy Connector

When exporting to SendGrid via the SendGrid Campaign Legacy Connector, you are only able to send one version of the email.

Single Send Connector

When exporting to SendGrid via the Single Send connector, there are 2 ways to handle multiple versions.

Transactional Connector

The Transactional connector allows you to create multiple versions by sending one version or using a segment sent. It used SendGrid handlebars to select a version based on information about an individual recipient. This will be exported as one HTML to SendGrid and the handlebars will wrap around the HTML for each version to determine who will receive what content.

Unlike the Single Send connector, you cannot Create or update a Single Send for each version.

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