What is an Email Design System

In order to start making email in Taxi, you first need to set up your Email Design System previously known as Master Template. This Email Design System acts as the single source of truth for all email campaigns created and contains all of the possible branded design and content options that you need to create your emails in Taxi e.g. content blocks (we call them modules), fonts, colours. You can also choose how flexible or rigid your emails need to be as well as lockdown colours and fonts to stay on brand.

All emails created come from your Email Design System and any further updates to the HTML can be made to this Email Design System as required (for example, rendering fixes or new HTML modules). When amends are made to the Email Design System, any emails created prior to this will inherit these.

Your Email Design System is HTML that incorporates Taxi Syntax within it, which enables you to edit your email within the Taxi editor, without having to change the code each time. This means the team creating the emails in Taxi can focus on the content without having to worry about code.

Example Email Design System:

Email using the above Email Design System:

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