Tracking Profiles and Link Groups

*Link tracking is available on our Enterprise Plan Link tracking can be applied to a project, mailing or version. If wanting to apply it to the whole account, you can can go to the link tracking page and set it in the link group section. There are two stages to setting up link tracking in Taxi: Stage 1 is to set up one or more Tracking Profiles. Stage 2 is to assign the profiles to a Link Group.

  1. You can find Tracking Profiles and Link Groups under 'Dynamic Content' Select the 'Link Tracking Manager' tab

  2. A Tracking Profile is where you specify the information you want to append to links.

  3. A Link Group is where you assign a Tracking Profile to a specific group of links (if required)

  4. Every Taxi account has one Link Group as standard. Custom Groups can be added depending on your company requirements.

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