Creating and managing Project Groups

In this article, we're going to cover how to create a new Project Group. We'll also look at how to add a User to a Project Group and organising Project Groups.

  • Project Groups are the top level of organisation and are used to classify related projects e.g Loyalty Projects

  • Permission and access can be set at a project group level so teams only see their own work.

  • Allocate projects to groups at the point of creation, or move them via Project settings

  • Switch between Project Groups on the Project page

Set up Project Groups and add Users:

  1. Go to your Organisation Settings in the bottom left hand corner of your Taxi screen and select General

2. Select the Project Groups tab and select 'Add New'

3. Enter the details of the Project Group Select 'Create Project Group' 4. Once the Project Group is created you can add Users to edit all mailings and versions in the Project Group On the Project Groups tab click on the edit icon beside the Project name

5. Select User Management You will see the option to add an editor here you can select a user to add to this Project Group. 6. When the User is selected, select 'Allow Access'

Organising Project Groups:

  1. To move existing projects into a group on the Project Groups settings page select the 'Projects' tab

  2. Choose the projects to move from the dropdown and select 'Add to group'

  3. You can also move Projects by selecting Settings on the Project page and choosing the group you want on the project details tab.

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