What is Liveclicker

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Liveclicker is an online platform that can help you produce live imagery and interactive elements for your email campaigns. Liveclicker is organised into campaigns, and within these campaigns, you can choose which elements you want to use. Elements are the different types of live imagery that you can use in Liveclicker. You can have as many of these elements within a campaign as you like.

These are the elements you can choose from and descriptions from Liveclicker that are currently supported in the integration:

Live image: A real-time image rendered in email. Uses: real-time geotargeted offers; real-time temperature-dependent images; real-time language-specific images; real-time mobile images (ie: appstore button).

Live slides: A real-time slideshow rendered in email. Uses: Create animated slideshows of 2-5 images to engage email recipients.

Live Scrape: A dynamic screen capture of a web page displayed in-email. Uses: real-time breaking news alert updates; real-time swapping of product imagery based on available inventory; real-time updates of social network feeds

Live Timer: Display a real-time countdown clock to an approaching deadline. Uses: Registration deadlines, upcoming sales, time remaining in flash sales, pending events, subscription expirations.

Live Video: Video that plays back right in the inbox. Uses: Product launch videos, demonstrations, testimonials, TV commercials.

Live Social: Insert real-time social feeds into your emails

Live Map: Display a map of closest locations to a user. Uses: show clients the closest physical stores, etc.

Live Forecast: Display a weather forecast in your emails. Uses: show travellers the current forecast.

Live Tracker: Display a custom package tracker. Uses: show real-time package tracking in email.

Live Poll: Display a custom embedded poll. Uses: show an embedded poll.

Live Reveal: Display a custom embedded reveal. Uses: reveal hidden messages, prizes, coupon codes, etc., when opener clicks or scratches a dynamic image.

Live Calendar: Display a custom add to calendar button. Uses: create useful 'add to calendar' buttons for upcoming events.

Live Coupon: Display a clickable / scannable coupon code.

Live Data: Use this invisible tracking pixel to collect real-time data on your email templates. No credits are charged for use.

The elements below are currently not supported we are continuing to work with Liveclicker to get these set up:

Live Feed: Insert an up-to-date feed into your emails.

Live Render: Display a custom animation. Uses: Create highly personalized animations like tickers and progress bars showing opener's individual point values.

What does the Liveclicker integration do?

Content in Liveclicker is organised into campaigns and elements within those campaigns. The integration allows you to search through your campaigns and then select the element you want from within that when building out your emails. At the click of a button, you can choose which campaign and element you want and easily populate your emails with the right content.

You’re able to control which modules you want to be able to use with Liveclicker. It can be all of your modules if you need that flexibility or only specific ones so you know you’re always going to be using modules with the correct layouts and image dimensions.

In the modules you’ve set up to pull in images from your Liveclicker account, you’ll see this button at the top of the module:

This will open up a panel where you can search for your campaigns

Once you select the campaign you want to use, you can select which element you want to use.

Once you’ve selected the element it will populate that module

For each campaign Liveclicker also gives you a tracking pixel to track the duration of open. This can also be pulled into Taxi with the integration and it works in the same way. You’re able to search for your campaigns and elements and select the relevant one to pull in the tracking pixel needed for that email. There is no limit to the number of tracking pixels you include in Taxi so you can use as many Liveclicker elements in an email as you need.

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