Setting up and managing two-factor authentication

To enable two factor authentication in your account:

  1. Head to the Security tab on the Organisation Settings page Only organisation owners can choose to enable 2FA for their users, along with some secondary settings like session length. 2FA cannot be enabled/disabled per user.

  2. Select 'Enable'

  3. Click save

When 2FA is enabled for an organisation, all users including the org owner will be guided through a setup sequence. All users must complete setup of at least one authentication method before they are able to access Taxi again.

What happens if a user cannot verify the 2FA previously set up on their account?

Regular users & Organisation admins Taxi users and admins must contact their organisation owner in order to reset their two-factor authentication. To maintain a strict security process, our Support team are unable to reset 2FA. Only organisation owners have the option to reset this.

Organisation owners can find the option in the admin Organisation Settings page on the Security tab. They can also reset a user from the user's Actions menu on the Users page.

Resetting a user's 2FA will clear the TOTP and/or SMS method previously set up. The user will be prompted to set up a new 2FA method as if they were doing it for the first time.

This does not affect their normal password, which can only be reset by the user themselves going through the Forgot Password option in the login flow.

Organisation owners

With recovery code:

Our Support team can help organisation owners recover their accounts. The first thing that owners should try is entering the recovery code that was presented to them when they set up their personal 2FA. (Only owners receive these codes; other users do not.)

Without recovery code:

In this case you will need to contact our Support team who will go through some steps with you.

To enable two-factor authentication for your organisation you can contact our support team or your CSM who will enable this feature if it is not already enabled for you. This is available on our Enterprise plan.

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