Admin & Non Admin Users

In this article, we're going to cover the differences between an admin and non-admin user. We will also cover how to make a user an admin.

Admin users can:

  • Configure and access all projects and functionality within Taxi

  • Create delete and edit other users within the account

  • Admin permission overrides team permissions. Admins do not need to be in a team

Non Admin users can:

  • Edit their own profiles and change their own passwords

  • Edit the Projects, Mailing and Versions they have been given access to

  • Non admin users must be granted permission and access before they can do or see anything in Taxi

Org Admins can:

Learn more about what non admin users are allowed to do through user access and permissions or team access and permissions

Making a user an admin:

To make a user an admin on your account follow the steps below.

  1. Click 'Organisation' from the bottom left hand corner of your Taxi screen and select 'People'

  2. Select the 'Users' tab

  3. Select the user you want to update

  4. On the users page select 'Edit User'

  5. Go to the permissions section of the edit profile page Tick the Admin box

  6. Select 'Save Changes'

  7. This user now has admin permissions.

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