Which Account Structure Applies to You?

When creating an account structure in Taxi, you need to think carefully about how your team’s structure translates into Taxi. Selecting an accurate account structure allows you to easily manage permissions to user groups, as well as enabling quicker adoption of the Taxi platform.

Use your team’s organisation and workflows as a starting point to inform your decision. For example, a regional marketing group that sends separate content to separate markets would benefit from an Internal Agency model. In the Taxi platform, this model would help centralised groups to keep their work and coordination efforts separate from other group’s projects.

The majority of email organisaitons that we work with fit into the following categories. It’s also okay if your team structure does not fit perfectly into one of these categories; we’ll work together to develop the optimal approach!

Internal Agency/Regional markets

  • An internal agency or central team acts as an agency to facilitate local field marketers and specialists in developing email templates in Taxi

  • The central team services these local field marketers and specialists as independent organisations; often running completely separate campaigns

  • Typically, this structure is also preferred for agency partners take on the role of the central team

CRM Team

  • A CRM team collaborates with subject matter experts (SMEs) to create emails, often introducing the SMEs to Taxi

  • The CRM team typically owns the process from start to finish, but they work in tandem with the wider marketing team to support their needs

  • 💡 Sometimes agency partners that work closely with marketing and SMEs will adopt this model

Marketing Team

  • A marketing team is the most common choice amongst smaller Taxi customers

  • The marketing team typically does everything in the email creation process, and the Taxi team helps to facilitate so this team does not need to lean on a stretched technical resource

  • If a developer is involved, their time will primarily be spent maintaining the Email Design System

Once you decide which account structure best suits your team, check out this article to learn how to apply that structure to your Taxi account.

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