What is Segmentation

Segmentation in Taxi allows you to send variations of your email based on the data you have about your Customers. Once it has been set up, the segmentation can be applied to any email and module without any knowledge of the ESP dynamic script e.g. javascript in Adobe, ampscript in SFMC code doesn't need to be edited each time. Segmentation allows you to send dynamic emails but keeps people who don't need to access the actual data away from the ESP, they can just focus on the content. In Taxi you add the modules and the content for all of the different segments using the different rules you have set up. Then when you export to your ESP the ESP script talks to your data so that the different groups of subscribers will see the relevant content for them. The examples below show the email in Taxi displaying all segments and then what the emails will appear like for your segments when they receive the email.

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