How to get Google Chrome Console Logs

Our product team might request Chrome console logs to help with a query you have raised. The steps to gather these logs are shown below: The method to get a console log on Mac and Windows is the same:

  1. In your Chrome browser, click on the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner of your screen and then select More tools > Developer tools. Note: It is normal to see that tracing is already running in the Console upon opening.

2. On the developer tools panel select the settings icon. This will open Preferences.

3. Under the Console section, click the following checkboxes and then close the Preferences panel. - Log XXMLHttpRequests - Show Timestamps - Preserve log upon navigation

4. On the developer tools panel click the Console tab.

5. To the right of the Filter field, click the list of filter levels and click any filter levels not already selected. Make sure that you select All levels. To the left of the Filter field select the clear console icon to clear the console.

6. Leave the console open and reproduce the steps for the issue under investigation.

7. After you reproduce the issue, return to the console.

8. Right-click in the console and save the log file.

9. Click the Network tab.

10.Right-click in any record and save the har file.

11 . Send us these two files.

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