Learn how to structure your account: Part 3

In Taxi, there are two ways you can create an email these are adding a new Version and cloning an existing Version.

Creating a new Version:

In every Mailing, there is a Parent Version when you create a new Version this will be a copy of the Parent Version this works through inheritance. Inheritance means any content or changes you make in the Parent Version will take effect in all other Versions. You can build out your email in the Parent Version add modules, content, images or make changes and this will take effect in all other Versions unless inheritance is broken. This ensures a consistent structure and saves time as you don’t need to rebuild each email.

Examples of why you would create a new Version:

You can create and manage multiple Versions of the same email at the click of a button. Each new Version created inherits from the Parent Version, ensuring a consistent structure, fewer errors and a quicker creation process as you no longer need to rebuild each email.

Creating new Versions gives you more time to focus on other aspects of your email process which will bring value to the customer, for example creating more emails that have segmentation and targeted content in them.

New Versions are used where content is similar, for example, a multi-language market or a regional campaign. You could have a Parent Version that is language agnostic and the Version representing each language that you are sending it to. This can speed up creating a multi-language campaign using Version Sets and default version content. You can add or remove modules across the different emails so that you can provide language or market-specific content.


You can clone any Version in Taxi and see all content, imagery, links and copy copied over for you. Each cloned Version can be renamed and saved, ready for you to start adding your new content to (hint: you can set-up a naming convention if you need to, which will ensure each Version has the naming structure you require you can read more here).

Versions should only be cloned when the email you need to clone is not the Parent and the inheritance has been broken. If inheritance has not been broken and you want a clone of your Version which follows the same structure as your Parent Version, simply "add a new Version", name it, and your new email will appear in Taxi.

Cloning versions in Taxi means you can quickly and easily build out your email campaigns that follow the structure you need in just a few clicks. This ensures each cloned Version has the links, copy or imagery you want to keep, whilst being flexible so that you can delete, amend or add new copy.

Examples of why you would clone a version:

If you are sending the same email to different markets, for example, for emails to your customers who live in France you might send emails in French, German and English, you could clone the English Version and the German Version so you only need to write the language-specific content once.

When you need to create identical emails for A/B testing. You can then make the updates to the specific variables you are testing.

How to work with a weekly newsletter:

If you are creating a weekly newsletter create or clone a new Mailing for your weekly newsletter within your weekly newsletter Project.

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