Uploading an Email Design System using a zip file

  1. Have your HMTL and images stored locally in the same location

  2. Compress both the folder and the HTML into a zip file

  3. Add a new Email Design System, give it a name and select the zip file to upload

  4. You will then be taken to the 'Image Assets' page. in the first dropdown select 'Copy images from zip file'. This will let you download the images from the zip file you uploaded.

5. Once you've selected 'Copy images from zip file' from the dropdown, you should see something like this:

This means that the images have been successfully downloaded. Once downloaded click Finish & Save.

NOTE: The URLs have an image directory, so make sure that the images are put in a folder named 'images' so Taxi will be able to locate them. If not this will happen:

6. The final step is the completion of the Email Design System process. The Email Design System will then be ready to use.

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