Expectations in Taxi

In Taxi, you can set expectations in your Email Design System which allows you to control fields in the editor. You can read more about setting expectations in your Email Design System here.

In this article, we will cover what these expectations will look like in the Taxi editor. Expectations will add more validation to the content in the editor as per the Email Design System requirements.

If you hide any fields in the editor through Brand settings that have expectations set you will see a warning on the export page. You can still export with this warning.


The field cannot be left empty. If there is no value in the field you will see the below message


The field must be changed before your email can be exported. If the field is not changed you will see the below message


This is similar to must-change but it means that the fields in Child versions must not be inheriting the content from the Parent version. If the content is the same as the Parent version you will see the below message


The field has a limit on the number of characters that can be used. If you exceed this limit you will see the below message

If you have any warnings in an email that needs to be resolved an orange line will be shown to the left of the project, mailing and version.

There are several attributes that can be used in a field tag that control what options are available in that field, such as allow-custom on a colour field or allow-styles on a rich text field. These existing attributes can also be used as expectations.

  • Values: This expectation can be used in alignment fields.

  • Allow-custom: This attribute is used on dropdown colour fields when you have a set list of colours to choose from but you also want to input a custom hex code if needed.

  • Allow-none: Can be used on image fields and will give you the option to not include an image when there is an image field in your Design System.

  • Allow-styles: Used to define what styles you want available on individual rich text fields.

  • Format: Used on colour fields to define what formats can be used, such as hex, rgb or rgba.

You can find more information as well as the Taxi syntax for these here

Built-in Expectations:

These are not recognised in the Email Design System they are built-in Taxi and added automatically

  • Image Fields: no-cmyk and no-exif-rotation When adding an image to Taxi with a CMYK colour profile, or an image with EXIF rotation data an expectations message will appear

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