Link Tracking: Connector Types

In link tracking, you can use rules to control what happens to links based on the types of connectors (read more here).

You have to target the connector type in these rules which can be found below:


Adobe Campaign API Export = NEOLANE

Adobe Campaign File Export = NEOLANE_FILE

Amazon SES = AWS_SES

AWS S3 Connector = AWS_S3

Braze, type = BRAZE

Bronto = BRONTO

BlueShift Connector = BLUESHIFT

Campaign Monitor = CM

Dotdigital = DM

Epsilon = EPSILON

Emarsys = EMARSYS

Eloqua = ELOQUA

Episerver Transactional Mail Connector = EPISERVER_TRANSACTIONAL

Episerver Smart Campaign Connector = EPISERVER_CAMPAIGN

Hubspot = HUBSPOT

Iterable = ITERABLE

Klaviyo = KLAVIYO

Mailchimp = M_CHIMP

Messagebird = MessageBird

Marketo = MARKETO

Oracle Marketing Cloud (RPL) = RSRPL

Optimove = OPTIMOVE

Omeda = OMEDA

Pardot Salesforce Classic = PARDOT

Pardot Salesforce OAuth = PARDOT_OAUTH

Pardot Salesforce Handlebars = PARDOT_HANDLEBARS

Sendgrid Campaign = SENDGRID_CAMPAIGN

Sendgrid Marketing = SENDGRID_MARKETING

Sendgrid Transactional = SENDGRID_TRANSACTIONAL

Sendgrid Design Library = SENDGRID_DESIGN_LIBRARY

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Content Builder = SFMC_CONTENT_BUILDER

Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Classic content = ET

Sailthru Campaign Export = SAILTHRU_API

Sailthru Template Export = SAILTHRU_TEMPLATES_API

Sparkpost = SPKPOST

SAP Connector = SAP

Yes Marketing Connector = YESMAIL

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