Purchase a 10DLC number

MessageBird sells dedicated 10DLC numbers that can be used with your registered 10DLC brands and use cases.

Find a 10DLC number

  1. On the side panel, click Channels. You'll be taken to the Channels library.

  2. Under the Marketplace tab, under "Related products", click Numbers.

  3. Filter the numbers as follows to find a 10DLC compatible number:

    • Country = United States, Type = Local, Capabilities = SMS

  4. Add one of the filtered numbers to your cart, then click Go to cart.

Purchase the number

  1. With the number in your cart, check the order summary and any monthly costs associated with the number.

  2. Click Proceed to payment and complete the transaction.

Provide additional information

After completing the payment for your purchased numbers, please note that some numbers may require additional information such as KYC compliance to become active. If this is the case, a warning will appear and you will need to proceed with the activation process.

If you need to provide additional information to activate your 10DLC number, this information will be displayed on a banner on the Channels > Numbers page.

To activate your purchased numbers, click Activate them with a few simple steps. You'll be redirected to a page displaying all your purchased numbers with outstanding activation requirements. From there, click on the Fill Requirements button to access and complete any necessary forms needed for the number to become activated.

Please ensure that all information entered is accurate, as the details will be manually verified, and activation may take up to 48 hours. For more information on providing KYC compliance information, please refer to our documentation.

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