Install LinkedIn Pages messaging

LinkedIn Pages Messaging can be installed from the Channels Marketplace. Once installed, you can have conversations with LinkedIn members that start conversations from your LinkedIn page

What you'll need

During installation, LinkedIn will ask you to grant BirdCRM specific permissions

  • Access to your LinkedIn business page as a content or super admin

  • Have enabled messaging for your LinkedIn page

  • Have your LinkedIn organization id

  • Your LinkedIn login details

Step-by-step installation instructions

Setting up LinkedIn for pages messaging

You must be a content or super admin for LinkedIn to complete these steps.

To enable pages messaging complete the following steps from your LinkedIn page.

To enable messages for your Page:

  1. Go to your Page super or content admin view.

  2. Click Inbox in the left menu.

  3. Click the (...) More icon to the right of Inbox.

  4. Select Inbox settings from the dropdown menu.

  5. Turn on the Message button toggle on the right.

  6. Select at least two conversation topics.

  7. Click Save in the upper-right corner.


Getting your Organization ID

To install a LinkedIn channel in BirdCRM you will need your LinkedIn Organization ID. When logged in as an admin to your business' organization page:

  1. Check the URL used when you are logged in as admin.

  2. Your LinkedIn Org ID will be the seven-digit number in the URL e.g. 1234567 in the image below.

Installing a LinkedIn channel in BirdCRM

  1. Click on the menu next to your user avatar.

  2. Click settings from the menu.

  3. From settings navigate to the Channels tab.

  4. Under the Channels tab, click LinkedIn, then click Install LinkedIn.

  5. Provide your connector name (this is used for reference with BirdCRM).

  6. Provide the Organization ID you got from the previous step.

  7. Click Login and Install and go through the steps to share access to your LinkedIn page with Bird CRM.

  8. After sharing access your channel will then be installed.

Installation criteria and rules

LinkedIn Pages Messaging permissions

During the installation process, LinkedIn Pages Messaging will ask you to grant BirdCRM the following permissions:

  • Use the primary email address associated with your LinkedIn account

  • Use your name and photo

  • Retrieve reporting for your advertising accounts

  • Manage your organization's pages and retrieve reporting data

  • Retrieve and manage your organization's message

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