Accounts and verification levels

Learn about WhatsApp Business Accounts and verification levels.


Facebook Business Manager Account

  • Unverified account.

  • Unverified business accounts can initiate conversations with up to 50 unique customers within a 24-hour period on WhatsApp.

  • They can receive an unlimited number of incoming conversations from customers.

  • Meta-verified account (also known as Meta verified for businesses).

  • Pay a monthly subscription to Meta.

  • You will only need to verify your account when you're ready to:

    • Scale business-initiated conversations

    • Add additional phone numbers

    • Request to become an Official WhatsApp Business Account.

WhatsApp Business Account (WABA)

  • By default, any account using WhatsApp for Business is a business account.

  • WhatsApp verifies authenticity of a brand for every account on the WhatsApp Business Platform.

  • If the account has completed Business Verification, the name of the business is visible in the contacts view, even if the user hasn't added the business to their address book.

  • In all other views, only the number will be shown.

  • You can complete your business info so your customers can learn more about you.

  • An official WhatsApp Business Account.

  • Green checkmark badge in its profile and chat thread headers.

  • Display name will be shown on all views.

  • Phone number will not be displayed.

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