Send and receive messages

All messages that your customers send to you via the chat widget will appear in Inbox. You can access these messages from the Inbox sidebar.

Inbox agents can respond to these messages directly from Inbox.

Chat channel

Chat is the default channel for chat widgets, and cannot be disabled

Once your chat widget is installed, customers will be able to start a conversation with you by typing their message into the text field and sending you a message.

Other channels

If you use blocks to add additional channels to your chat widget, buttons for these channels will be visible alongside live chat when customers interact with your chat widget.

Customers can use the chat widget to launch other channels such as Email or WhatsApp.

When a channel button is clicked, a QR code or button will appear. Your customers can scan the QR code or click the button to launch the channel.

Messages sent from a channel other than chat will appear in Inbox under their respective channel.

AI Agents and chat

If you want an AI Agent to pick up and respond to chat inquiries from your chat widget, you can follow the steps to install an AI Agent, selecting Chat as the conversation trigger channel.

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