Bots actions | API

Bot actions are used for building and managing chatbots in the MessageBird API. These actions allow you to add a bot to a conversation, get bot sessions and their details, and predict answers, intents, languages, named entities, and sentiment for incoming messages.

With these actions, you can create intelligent chatbots that can understand and respond to customer inquiries, streamline communication, and automate manual tasks. This can help reduce response times, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately increase efficiency in your business operations.

Predict Answer

This action predicts the answer for a question using an FAQ dataset. Use this action to provide automated responses to frequently asked questions.

Predict Intent

This action recognizes the intent of a phrase. Use this action to classify the purpose or goal of a customer's message to help provide an appropriate response.

Predict Language

This action predicts the language for an incoming message. Use this action to determine the language of a customer's message, which can help in providing a response in the appropriate language.

Predict Named Entities

This action recognizes the named entities for an incoming message using NER. Use this action to extract important information such as names, locations, and dates from a customer's message.

Predict Sentiment

This action predicts the sentiment for a phrase. Use this action to analyze the emotional tone of a customer's message and provide an appropriate response.

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