2. Your availability status

As an agent, you have two availability statuses that tell the rest of your team (and any routing automations that might be running) if you're available to respond to incoming messages or not.

These statuses are:

Change your availability status manually

By default, your status is set to Away when you first join Inbox. After that, it will be updated automatically.

When you are first invited to Inbox, you can manually set yourself as Active.

To do this, click your agent avatar in the bottom left-hand side of your screen, then click Set yourself as Active.

Manual availability override

At any time, you can manually override the automatic availability status by clicking your agent avatar and selecting either Set yourself as Active or Set yourself as Away.

If you've manually set yourself to Away and kept Inbox open, you'll need to manually set yourself to Active again when you're ready to answer incoming messages again.

Automatic availability status changes

After the first time you log in to Inbox, your availability status will change automatically:

  • When you close Inbox, after one minute, you'll automatically be set to Away. The one-minute buffer is to account for any accidental closures.

  • When you open Inbox, you'll automatically be set to Active.

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