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February 21, 2024

Here's what's new:

Export contacts in a handy CSV file

  • You can now export contacts from Bird in a handy CSV file.

  • Export an existing audience or list, or use the filter to prepare a specific batch of contacts for export.

  • You can also adjust the contact attributes that you include in your export.

Track and use contact activity

  • Contact profiles now store information on contact activity.

  • Track which marketing campaigns they've been sent and have interacted with, if they've abandoned a cart, how valuable their purchased have been, and more.

  • Use this information to build highly-targeted audiences.

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Better reporting for Journeys

  • You can now see heatmap insights and easy-to-understand reports for journeys, giving you a better understanding of how your journeys (and the channels they use) are performing.

Improved data sync control for connectors

  • Specify what data you want to sync from installed connectors, and how often it should be synced.

Keep your emails consistent

  • Email blocks can now be saved as 'reusable' blocks when creating a new email template.

  • These blocks can be dropped into any future email, speeding up creation time and making it easier to keep your branding consistent.

Six new Connectors

Automate more work with our new connectors:

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