Flight confirmation

Send customers personalized confirmation emails with all their flight details and updates.

In this guide, we'll show you how to set up a journey that automatically delivers personalized flight confirmation emails to customers immediately after booking.

1. Create a personalized email template

First, create an email template that will be used to confirm the booking details.

  1. Go to Content > Email templates.

  2. Create a new blank template or choose one from the template library.

  3. Use the drag-and-drop builder to design your email template.

  4. Next, add dynamic variables to personalize the email, making it more relevant and useful for the customer. This will enhance their overall experience

    1. Add dynamic variables with booking details such as booking ID, flight details, and travel dates.

      • Example subject line: Alright {{contact.attributes.displayName}}, your flight is confirmed!

    2. Add variables by typing {{ or clicking the Manage variables, and creating the relevant variables.

    3. Preview your template so it's ready to be used in the journey.

  5. Once your template is done, click Publish to make it ready to use.


  • Include important booking details such as flight number, departure time, and check-in information.

2. Set up a journey

Next, set up the Journey that will facilitate the flight confirmation journey.

  1. Go to the Marketing section of your workspace.

  2. Navigate to Journeys > Create journey > Create from scratch.

  3. In the editor section on the right:

    • Select Placed order for the Trigger.

    • Select Website for the Connector.

    • Select Website for the Connector Instance.

  4. If you do not have your website connected, select Manage instance to connect your website.

  5. Next, select the action and choose Send a Message.

    • Fill out the sender email, name, and choose your confirmation template you created, select save once completed.

  6. Finally, select End Journey for completion.

  7. When ready, Publish your journey to set it live.


  • Use Wait steps to manage the timing of the email.

  • Add SMS notifications to provide updates via multiple channels.

You've just set up a Flight confirmation journey!

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