Character Support

In Malaysia the following characters are not supported:

€Δ Φ Γ Λ ΩΠ ΨΣΘ Ξ ¤£ ¥ èé ùìò ÇØø Åå€ Ææß ÉÄÖ Ñ Ü§ ¿ äö ñ üà

Message Length

Messages to Malaysian networks have a character limit of 153. All non-P2P traffic in Malaysia must begin with 'RM0.00', which takes up the first 7 characters of any message. This reference indicates that the message will be free for the receiver. If your message does not begin with 'RM0.00' operators will add this to your message.

Concatenated SMS

If you are sending an SMS which is longer than 153 characters, your message must start with 'RM0.00'. If you do not add this, your message might not deliver or deliver with changed content.

Virtual Mobile Numbers

Virtual Numbers in Malaysia can not be used for sending transactional (OTP) or marketing content. This can incur blocking from the local operators.

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