Typing indicators

Apple Messages supports typing indicators, providing users with a more interactive and engaging conversation experience by showing when the other party is typing a message, even if that image is coming from an automated flow.

Typing indicators in Flows

When an flow sends a message to a customer, the following sequence occurs:

  1. The customer sees a typing indicator for 1 second, signaling that a message is on its way.

  2. If the flow includes multiple elements (like text, a rich link card, and more text), the customer experiences a cycle of typing indicator and message display:

    • Typing indicator (1 sec) → First text message.

    • Typing indicator (1 sec) → Rich link card.

    • Typing indicator (1 sec) → Second text message.

Typing indicators in Inbox

When an agent types a message in Inbox:

  • The customer sees a real-time typing indicator as soon as the agent starts typing.

  • If the agent stops typing for more than 1.5 seconds, the typing indicator disappears.

  • The typing indicator stops once the customer receives the message.

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