Create a reply to open conversation WhatsApp message template

  1. Go to Content > Message templates.

  2. Click Create new message project.

  3. Under "Platform", select WhatsApp.

  4. Under "Interaction", select Reply to open conversation.

  5. Under "Message type", select the type of message that you want to create in Studio.

  6. Under "Project set up", enter a Project name. This is an internal name.

  7. Select the Default locale for this message template from the dropdown.

  8. Click Create project. You'll be taken to the template editor.

Add content blocks

Now that you've set up the basics, you can add your content blocks.

  1. In the Overview panel, under the Content tab, or on the canvas itself, click one of the content elements to open its details in the Overview panel.

  2. Make the edits to the content, including uploading files, adding alt text, editing the message body text, and adding variables for message personalization.

Preview and publish

To see how your message template will appear to recipients, click the Preview button at the top of your screen.

To Publish your message template and automatically send it to WhatsApp for approval, click the Publish button in the top right-hand corner.

What next?

Once you've hit Publish, your template will ready to use.

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