Price change alerts

Set up and send personalized price alerts to keep your customers informed and engaged.

In this guide, we'll show you how price alert flows notify subscribers/customers of a flight search/hotel booking/car rental they are interested in.

1. Build an email template

Design a personalized email template.

  1. Go to Content > Email templates.

  2. Create a new blank template or choose one from the template library.

  3. Use the drag-and-drop builder to design your email template.

  4. Make sure to drop in variables to personalise the email based on the contact's name and search details( source, destination, date of search, product searched). Map these variables with dynamic values from the price alert event your website/system triggered.

  5. Once your template is done, click Publish to make it ready to use.

2. Set up a price drop automation

You can create a price alert flow in the following way:

  • Your website/system can trigger an event to a Bird API endpoint with all the relevant details needed to personalize the price alert notification. Shared below is a sample event.

  1. General instruction: Make sure to test every step after you've configured it.

  2. Add new action, Get Contact by identifier

  3. Add a new action, Conditional to check for price change if an increase or a decrease. This step can be completely skipped depending on the event you pass to Bird. In the case, you pass the value of the change of the viewed product/search you don't need to add this step.

    • In branch A, check for Price decrease

      • Add conditional perimeters - new price is less than old price

    • In branch B, check for Price increase

      • Add conditional perimeters - old price is less than new price

  4. Add a new action, Calculate.

    If price increased or decreased, calculate the price change by using a simple formula:

    1. For Price increase, "new price"-"old price"

    2. For Price descrease, "old price"-"new price"

  5. Add a new action, Send an email step Configure the following:

    1. the email domain/channel you wish to send out the email from

    2. to whom you want to send out the email to.

  6. Add a new action, Send Template message to channel.

    Configure the following:

    1. the push channel you wish to send out the push notification from

    2. to whom you want to send out the push notification to.

  7. Terminate flow for completion.

  8. When ready, Publish your Flow to set it live.


  • Make sure to test each step after configuring it.

  • Monitor the flow to check if it's performing as expected.

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