Send a push notification campaign

Instantly engage your mobile app users with timely and relevant notifications.

How to create and send a push notification campaign

In this guide, we'll show you how to set up and send your first push notifications marketing campaign.

What you'll need

  • Push Notifications message template.

  • list or segment of contacts that have valid device tokens registered for Push Notifications.

Create your Push Notifications campaign

  1. From the main side menu, click Campaigns.

  2. Once Push Notification channel is installed select Push notification and click Save and continue. [Optional] You could define a campaign name and select a schedule date or tags here, but it also possible to set these within the campaign setup wizard

Setup Push Notifications campaign wizard

Step one: Choose your recipients

  1. From the Send to drop-down, select the list or segment you want to send your campaign to.

    You can select more than one list or segment.

  2. [Optional] If you want to prevent this campaign from being sent to specific customers, use the Don't send to dropdown to select the lists or segments that you want to exclude.

  3. [Optional] you could define a maximum number of recipients to send the campaign you could set the limit

  4. Click Continue to content to continue.

Step two: Choose your Push Notification content

  1. Use the Send from dropdown to choose the push notification channel that you want to send your campaign from.

  2. Use the Select a template dropdown to choose the Push Notifications message template that you want to send as your campaign. You'll be able to see a preview of your message.

  3. [Optional] If your message template is localized into more than one language, choose the language that you want to send it in.

  4. If there are variables in your template message, map them in the Template variables section.

  5. Click Continue to preview to continue.

Step three: Preview and test your campaign

  1. We are almost ready to push the campaign.

  2. Check recipients number for the campaign.

  3. Review the message you're sending as a push notification.

  4. [Optional] you may send a test message:

  5. If the campaign is ready to go click Schedule or send.

Launch the campaign: Send or schedule your campaign

There are two options or sending the campaign:

  1. Select Schedule to send your campaign at a future date and time and click Schedule.

  2. Send your campaign now, select the Send now option, then click Send.

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