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Once you've installed Apple Messages for Business, you can set up entry points to help customers contact you and start a conversation.

URL entry points

You can create a URL that customers can click to be automatically redirected to Apple Messages. This URL can be displayed as a button on your website or app, added to emails or SMS messages, or on social media channels.

Create your URL

To create your URL, follow these steps:

  1. Find your Apple business ID by going to Enable channels > Apple Messages for Business, and copying the 'Apple Business Register Account ID' from the channel overview.

  2. In the following URL:<your-business-id>, replace <your-business-id> with your Apple business ID.

[Optional] Add query string parameters to your URL

You can add additional information to your URL to make it easier for you to route incoming conversations.

Query string parameterPurposeExample


Specify the intention, or purpose, of the message.


Indicate the group, department, or individuals best qualified to handle the customer’s particular question or problem.


The body parameter prepopulates the message so the customer only has to click 'Send' to initiate the conversation in Messages.

Here's an example of how a URL might look for bank customer with a question for the credit card department:

When adding query string parameters to your URL, do not include any of the following characters, or your URL will not work:

&, #, [], (), {}, /

Use your URL

On your website and app

Once you've created your URL, you can add it to your website or app so that customers can start a conversation with your business quickly.

You must use one of Apple's provided CTA's and follow their display guidelines if you're adding Apple Messages buttons to your website and/or app.

On social media or via SMS

To make it easier to share your link with customers on social media or via SMS, generate a short link that will redirect your customers to your messaging URL.

Message Suggest entry points

Make it easier for customers who use iOS devices to contact you by offering Message Suggest.

With Message Suggest enabled, customers who click on any of your registered business phone numbers from search, Apple Maps, or your website will be presented with the option to message you or call you.

If you're trying to deflect more customer inquiries to messaging and away from voice calls, this feature can help by:

  • Deflecting calls before they reach your IVR queue.

  • Reducing voice support costs.

  • Increasing customer satisfaction by reducing wait times.

  • Providing a better customer experience with access to built-in Apple features such as Apple Pay, list pickers, time pickers, and augmented reality.

How to set up a Message Suggest entry point

What you'll need

  • Apple's Message Suggest form.

  • A title for the Message Suggest button, no more than 120 characters long. E.g. 'Live Agents'. Include translations if you want to support additional languages.

  • A subtitle for the Message Suggest button, no more than 170 characters long. E.g. 'Text with a live agent for faster help'. Include translations if you want to support additional languages.

  • Your Intent ID, no more than 512 characters long. E.g. account_question

  • Your Group ID, no more than 512 characters long. E.g. credit_card_department

  • Your body text. Should be no more than a sentence.

  • Your business phone contact hours.

  • All of your primary and high call volume phone numbers. You may include your own stores' phone numbers.

  • Your current call volume for these phone numbers.

  • How many agents you have to support customers over Messages for Business.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Download the Message Suggest form.

  2. Complete the form.

  3. Send the form in an email to Apple's Messages for Business team at

There is a ramp up period of several days before the Message Suggest prompt becomes visible across all eligible devices. We recommend that you wait until the propagation period (average of 5 to 7 days) is complete before checking the visibility.

Apple Maps entry points

If you have physical locations, you can link your Apple Messages for Business account with your business location data. This will allow your customers to message you directly from Apple Maps. This is particularly useful for locations that customers visit frequently, such as retail stores.

How to enable Apple Maps as an entry point

  1. Go to Apple Business Register and navigate to your Messages for Business account.

  2. Check the box to enable iOS and macOS entry points.

  3. Add the countries you want to display the Message button for your locations. For example, if your business has locations in both the United States and Canada, but you only want to display the Message button for locations in the United States, only add the United States.

  4. Submit the changes to Apple for review.

Once Apple has reviewed your changes, the Messages button will be displayed on your Apple Maps listing in the locations you selected.

AR entry points

If you use AR on your website or app, for example so a customer can see how a product would look in their home, you can add actions such as Apple Pay, or custom actions to your brand experience.

Find out more in Apple's guide.

Wallet entry points

Your brand can have a direct entry point for Messages for Business on the back of boarding passes, loyalty cards, movie and event tickets, debit and credit cards, store cards, coupons, and gift cards.

Find out more in Apple's guide.

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