What you'll need

  • Admin access to Notion

  • Access to Connectors in the Automate Work section in your Bird workspace


  1. Click Notion.

  2. Click Install Notion in the top right-hand corner.

  3. Enter the connector name, and click Login and install.

Next steps

Visit the “Health” tab to assess the connector’s health.

  • Data capture: This handles incoming data and events, often via webhooks. When not healthy, it typically means issues with setting up the connector's webhook endpoint.

Use Notion

Once you've successfully installed the Notion app, you can incorporate its functionalities in various areas of the platform:


  • Purpose: Incorporate Notion triggers and actions in Flows to automate business processes, such as page updated or fetch users.

  • How to access:

    1. Proceed to Flows located under Automate Work.

    2. Initiate a new flow or modify an existing one.

    3. For invoking a flow using Notion triggers, set the Trigger to "Connector", the Connector to "Notion", and then pick the relevant Notion app (if you have multiple installations).

    4. Here, you can opt for any of the various triggers the Notion connector supports.

    5. Additionally, to integrate Notion actions into your flows, select Notion from the "Connector actions" dropdown.

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