Create a rich link Apple Messages template

Rich link message templates enhance your messages by embedding links that display a preview of the linked web page, including images, titles, and a brief description. This is useful for directing customers to your website, product pages, or articles.

Message components


You need to provide the URL of the web page you want to link to. The rich link will generate a preview based on this URL.

Text Field

The text field allows you to add context or a call-to-action accompanying the rich link. This text supports variables, offering personalization options.


The preview component automatically generates a snapshot of the linked web page, including an image, the page's title, and a short description, providing a glimpse of the content before clicking.

  1. Go to Content > Message templates.

  2. Click Create new message project.

  3. Under 'Platform', select Apple Messages.

  4. Select Rich link as the 'Message type'.

  5. Enter the URL for the web page you wish to link.

  6. Use the text field to add a message or call-to-action, utilizing variables for personalization.

  7. The template will automatically generate a preview of the linked page. Ensure this preview accurately represents the content.

  8. Once your template is ready, click Publish to make it available for use.

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