Install LINE

LINE can be installed from the Channels Marketplace. Once installed, you can have conversations with your customers over LINE.

What you'll need

Step one: Open a new LINE account and copy the access token

  1. Sign up for a new LINE account by going to

  2. Create a new provider.

  3. Within the LINE console, add the messaging API channel to the provider.

  4. In the Messaging API settings, issue a long-lived channel access token.

  5. Copy the long-lived channel access token, and store it somewhere safe.

Step two: Install LINE in MessageBird

  1. Click the Channels tab at the top of your screen to view the channels library.

  2. Click LINE and follow the installation process.

  3. When asked for the LINE token, enter the token you copied when you made your new LINE account.

  4. Click Fetch. The channel name and ID will be created automatically.

  5. Click Install Telegram to complete the installation process.

Step three: Complete setup in LINE and MessageBird

  1. In the LINE console, complete the following actions:

    1. Check that the webhook URL is available in the Messaging API console. If it's missing, refresh the page.

    2. Click the Use webhook toggle to turn it on.

    3. Diable auto-reply messages and greeting messages.

  2. In MessageBird, go to the LINE channel settings and complete the following actions:

    1. Verify the setup.

    2. Check that the webhook is active.

You've successfully installed LINE! Now you can start sending and receiving messages from your customers on LINE.

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