Create a message template

Creating a message template for WhatsApp? Follow the WhatsApp message template instructions.

Message template set up

To create a message template, the first stage is to choose the channel, message type, and default language.

  1. Go to Content > Message templates.

  2. Click Create new message project.

  3. In the Platform section, click the specific channel (or omnichannel) that you want to create a message template for.

  4. In the Message type section, choose the type of message template you want to create.

  5. Under Project settings, enter a recognizable name for your project (e.g., "March 2023 Spring Sale") in the Project name field.

  6. Choose a locale from the drop-down menu under Default locale.

  7. Click Create project.

Add content

Now that you’ve set up the basics, you can add your content.

  1. In the Overview panel, under the Content tab, or on the canvas itself, click one of the content elements to open its details in the Overview panel.

  2. Make the edits to the content, including uploading files, adding alt text, editing the message body text, and adding variables for message personalization.

  3. Click Save as draft to save your changes.

If there are validation errors in your template, they will be flagged in the Overview panel under the Problems tab.

Preview the message template

Once you have your message content in place, you can preview your message template to see how it will appear when your customers receive it.

  1. At the top of the screen, click Preview.

  2. To make changes to the message template content, click Editor to return to the previous screen.

If you have chosen to create an omnichannel message template or to translate your message template into more than one language, you can preview this by clicking one of the channels in the Preview panel, or by selecting an additional language from the drop-down.

Publish the message template

Once you have set up your message template, added content, and previewed it to make sure it looks how you expect it to, you can click Publish in the top right-hand corner.

On publication, your message template will be immediately available for use across Inbox, Flows, and Campaigns.

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