Use a send message step in a journey

In this article, you will learn how to add a send a message step to a journey. This step is essential for delivering marketing content to your contacts through journeys.

There are specific channels through which businesses can send promotional, marketing, and notification updates to their customers. By utilizing the "send a message" step, you can communicate with your customers via the following channels:

Good to know

  • This step uses message templates. If you update a message template that is used in a published journey, the journey will continue to use the original version of the message template that was selected when the journey was published.

  • To use the latest version of a template in your journey, you must manually update the "Send a message" step associated with that template. This ensures the journey fetches and utilizes the most recent template version.

  • If a template used in a published journey gets deleted, the journey will encounter an error at the step that requires that template, causing it to fail.

What you'll need

Step one: Add the send message step

Assuming you already have a journey or are building a journey that has a trigger set up, you can can now add a ‘Send a message’ step.

  1. Hover your mouse pointer over the nodes of the journey tree or in between two steps and you’ll see an add a step icon.

  2. Select the add a step icon.

Step two: Configure the send message step

  1. Choose the channel instance of your choice. All installed channel instances will be available here.

  2. After selecting the channel instance, select the message template that you want to use.

  3. After selecting the template, you can see a preview of the message template. Check that everything looks right.

  4. If there are any variables in your message template, configure them here. Make sure you add a default value in case there is no matching variable available in the recipient's contact profile.

  5. Save the step.

Success! You've added a send message step.

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