Create a payment Apple Messages template

Payment message templates enable businesses to seamlessly integrate Apple Pay into Apple Messages, offering customers a secure and convenient way to make payments directly within their conversation.

Payment message templates facilitate seamless financial transactions directly within Apple Messages, offering businesses a streamlined way to request payments from customers.

Message Components

Message Received

This is the initial message customers see, encouraging them to engage with the payment request. Key properties of this message include:

  • Payment Request Icon: A visual representation of the payment request, displayed only if Apple Pay is not already set up on the customer’s device.

  • Display Properties: Certain attributes of this message can be customized by the payment request when received by the customer, ensuring clarity and relevance.

Payment Configuration

Configure your payment request with detailed information to ensure a smooth transaction:

  • Itemization: Specify line items either statically or dynamically, providing transparency about what the customer is being billed for.

  • Total Cost: Clearly state the total amount due, including any taxes or fees, to avoid any confusion during the payment process.

Message reply

'Message replied' is the message that is shown to a recipient when they make a payment.

You'll need to provide the following content to populate the message:

  • This message appears to recipients after they've made a selection, confirming their action.

    • Image: Upload or provide a URL for an image related to the completed action.

    • Title: For example, "Selection made". Variables can be used here for customization.

    • Subtitle: Additional supporting text for the title. This can also include variables.

    • Style: Options include 'Icon', 'Small', 'Large'. The 'Icon' style is recommended for reply messages.

How to create a payment message template

  1. Go to Content > Message templates.

  2. Click Create new message project.

  3. Under 'Platform', select Apple Messages.

  4. Select Payment as the 'Message type'.

  5. Message received block:

    • Optionally include an icon to visually represent the payment request.

    • Input a clear title for the payment request and specify the total cost, ensuring transparency and understanding.

  6. Payment configuration block:

    • Detail the line items included in the payment request, whether fixed or generated dynamically.

    • Confirm the total amount the customer is expected to pay.

  7. Message reply block:

    • Complete the fields in the message reply block.

  8. Once your payment message template is complete, click Publish to make it active and available for use in customer transactions.

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