Campaign tags

Make it easy to search campaigns with tags.

Tags are keywords or phrases that help you to categorize and organize your campaigns, making them easier to search and manage.

How tags work

Using tags allows for more efficient campaign management, as you can quickly filter and find specific campaigns based on the tags they're associated with.

This can be particularly useful if you manage a large number of campaigns or when looking for campaigns targeting a specific demographic, theme, or time of year.

While you set up your campaign, you can create and add tags.

You can add up to ten tags to each campaign. For example, you might use 'Black Friday' and 'North America' to categorize your campaign.

Tagging best practices

To use tags effectively:

  • Be consistent: Use a consistent naming convention for tags to maintain an organized system.

  • Limit use: While you can add up to ten tags per campaign, it's best to use the minimum number of tags needed to accurately describe and categorize your campaign to avoid clutter.


If you have a campaign focused on a summer sale for European customers, you might tag it with "Summer Sale", "Europe", and "Sale".

This way, when you need to find all campaigns related to summer sales or specifically targeting the European market, you can search for these tags.

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