Become a WhatsApp Tech Provider

Become a WhatsApp Tech Provider and partner with Bird to offer messaging services to your customers.

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What is a WhatsApp Tech Provider

Tech Providers are businesses that provide WhatsApp messaging services to other businesses. As a Tech Provider, you can do this by using Cloud API directly, or by partnering with a Solution Partner (like Bird) who already offers these services, and who can extend their credit line to your customers.

WhatsApp multi partner solutions

Multi-Partner Solutions allow Solution Partners and Tech Providers to jointly manage customer WhatsApp assets in order to provide WhatsApp messaging services to their customers. For example, if you are a Tech Provider and are unable to offer custom or full WhatsApp messaging services to your customers, you can work with a Solution Partner to offer your customers the Solution Partner's services.

The basis of a Multi-Partner Solution is a partner solution, which is an agreed upon configuration in the app dashboard that defines which customer WhatsApp assets each partner can access. Once created and accepted, the solution can be used to customize the Embedded Signup flow. Any customers onboarded via the flow can grant asset access to all of the solution's partners.

Step 1

pageOnboard as a Tech Provider

Step 2

pageConnecting to Bird as solutions provider

Step 3

pageCompleting the Meta app review

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