Use Apple Pay

Integrating Apple Pay into your messaging allows you to offer a fast, secure, and convenient way for customers to pay.

Step one: Set up a merchant in your Apple Developer account and associate it with your domain

  1. Go to the Apple Developer Portal.

  2. Under the Apple Pay section, select Merchant IDs and follow the prompts to create a new Merchant ID and associate it with your domain. Detailed instructions can be found here.

While verifying your domain, keep in mind that the domain will be used as a payment gateway as well.

  • All endpoints that include Apple Pay must be served over HTTPS.

  • Your domain must have a valid SSL certificate.

  • Your domain must use TLS 1.2 or later. More details here

Step two: Create a 'Payment processing certificate'

This certificate is allows you to decrypt payment tokens received when the payment gateway is called by apple for payment processing.

  1. Follow Apple's instructions.

  2. Upon receiving a payment request, use the private key associated with your Payment Processing Certificate to decrypt the payment token.

Using Payment Service Providers (PSPs)

Businesses can opt to use PSPs like Adyen, Mollie, or Airwallex for processing Apple Pay transactions instead of directly decrypting payment tokens. Apple provides a list of compatible PSPs here.

For specific integration guidance, refer to the PSP documentation:

Step three: Create a merchant identity certificate

The merchant identity certificate facilitates the creation of a payment session between the customer and the merchant. Securely store the resulting .p12 file and password. Instructions for this step are provided here.

  1. Keep the p12 file and certification password in a secure place, as you'll need them to create a payment session.

Step four: Configure your Merchant ID in your Apple Business Account

  1. Go to your Apple Business Account.

  2. In 'Optional Integrations', edit the Apple Pay settings.

  3. Add your Merchant ID as outlined here.

Step four: Install and integrate with Bird

  1. After installation, access the channel settings and select 'Add Profile' under the payment profiles section.

  2. Ensure the details entered match those set up in the Apple Developer Portal. This includes the Merchant Identity Certificate (the .p12 file), Merchant Certificate Password, Merchant Domain Name, and Payment Gateway URL.

Now that you've set up Apple Pay, you can create a payment message template.

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