Official WhatsApp Business Account (Green tick)

Learn about the Official WhatsApp Business Account (Green tick).

Not sure what the difference is between the types of accounts and verification levels? Take a look at our guide to understand more.

An Official WhatsApp Business Account - sometimes referred to as a Green Tick - will ensure your WhatsApp account has a green checkmark badge in its profile and chat thread headers.

Prerequisites for applying

Only a tiny percentage of accounts that apply will be approved. Generally, only well-know brands or entities receive approval.

Once you have a WhatsApp Business Account, you can apply for an Official WhatsApp Business Account.

You can improve your chances of getting approval by:

  • Only applying as a whole company.

  • Only applying for real use cases.

  • Adding an official email domain to your Facebook Business Manager Account.

    • Yes:

    • No: or

  • Following Meta's guidelines for WhatsApp Business display names.

  • Having a strong online presence. Accounts mentioned in multiple news sources are more likely to be approved. Paid or promotional content is not considered. When applying for a Green Tick, include article links to increase your chances.

Official Business Accounts are not granted to:

  • Employees

  • Departments

  • Test accounts


If your request for a verified business account is rejected, you must wait one month before reapplying. After the cooldown, you can try again for an Official Business Account.

This is common and does not mean there's anything wrong with your account. It might just mean your brand isn't big enough yet. Unfortunately, we don't get detailed reasons for rejections.

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