Create Push Notifications message templates

Push Notifications templates are customizable, reusable messages that you can send via campaigns, journeys and flows.


How to create a Push Notifications message template

Step-by-step instructions

  1. On the side menu go to Content > Message templates and click Create new message project.

  2. Under 'Platform', select Push Notification.

  3. Under 'Project set up', enter a recognizable name for your message template, choose the default language and click Start from scratch.

  4. We get to the template editor Studio.

  5. At the left menu, you could manage template message blocks by clicking on each or adding a new one

  6. The header defines basic template blocks, where you can set the message title, body and tap action.

  7. Add buttons actions

  8. You could add an override for buttons by platforms

  9. As for buttons as for tap click an action could be one of these

  10. Preview Push Notification template

  11. Click Publish.

  12. Your template should be Active now.

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