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Agents are the people who have conversations with customers in Inbox. They can respond to incoming messages, answer questions, resolve issues, and start conversations with customers.

What can agents do?

Inbox agents are able to perform the following tasks:

  • Reading and responding to messages in conversations.

  • Proactively starting conversations by sending messages.

  • Viewing customer contact profiles and conversation histories.

  • Snoozing conversations that aren't currently active.

  • Closing conversations that have been resolved.

  • Manually assigning conversations to other agents or teams.

Agent profiles

Agent profiles contain essential information about your agents. Agents can view the profiles of other agents directly in Inbox as they work on conversations.

Agent profiles typically include the following information:

  • Role: Supervisor, Inbox Agent, or a custom role.

  • Created on. The timestamp when the agent profile was created.

  • Last active: The timestamp when the agent was last active.

  • Email: The agent’s email address.

  • Tags: Labels that define an agent's skill specialism or language

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