Sender profiles

To send emails from Inbox with the Email by MessageBird channel, you need to configure your sender profile first.

What is a sender profile?

A sender profile tells an email recipient who the email is from. Sender profiles are made up of:

  • The From field, which is typically the name of the individual sending the email. You can use variables like {{displayName}} to add dynamic elements to the from field, or you can choose to keep it static. For example, {{displayName}} from MessageBird would be sent and received as Alistair from MessageBird.

  • The Username, which goes before the @, is typically the name of the department sending the email.

  • The Sending domain, which comes after the @, is connected to your Email channel.

Example email sender

'From' fieldUsernameSending domain

easyJet Bookings


What are sender profiles used for?

Every business will have a different email set up. Some businesses may have one catch-all email address that masks their different teams and agents. Other businesses may have department and team based email addresses, some masking their agents while others creating a more personalized experience by showing the agent’s display name in the “from” field. Sender profiles can be set up to accommodate for all these different scenarios.

Set up a sender profile

What you'll need

  • An installed Email by MessageBird channel


  1. Go to Inbox > Settings > Sender profiles.

  2. Select your Email by MessageBird channel from the "Channel "dropdown.

  3. Type your email username in the text field.

  4. Type your "from" text in the text field, remembering to add any variables that you want to use.

  5. Use the radio buttons to specify if you want all agents and teams in the workspace to use the sender, or if you want to restrict it to specific agents and teams. By default, this will be set as available to all agents and teams in this workspace.

Use a sender profile to send emails in Inbox

Now that you have sent a profile has been set up, you can use it in Inbox to send emails by following the steps:

  1. Go to Inbox > Create new message.

  2. In the To field, enter the recipient.

  3. In the From field, select the sender profile.

  4. Continue to compose and send your email.

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