Create a file Apple Messages template

File message templates in Apple Business Messages enable you to send documents, presentations, PDFs, and other files directly to your customers. This feature is particularly useful for sharing detailed information, contracts, brochures, or instructional materials.

Message components

File Upload

This component allows you to attach the file you wish to send. Ensure the file is in a format that is accessible and convenient for your customers.

Text Field

Use the text field to include a brief description or instructions related to the file. This text supports variables, enabling you to personalize the message for each recipient.

How to make a file message template

  1. Go to Content > Message templates.

  2. Click Create new message project.

  3. Under 'Platform', select Apple Messages.

  4. Select File as the 'Message type'.

  5. Upload the file you wish to send.

  6. In the text field, add a message or instructions related to the file, utilizing variables for personalization.

  7. Preview your template to ensure the message and file align with your intentions.

  8. Once satisfied, click Publish to make your file message template available for use.

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