Import a custom HTML email

Our email editor allows you to import your own HTML emails.

What you'll need

  • Template code for your email, in one of the following formats:

    • Code you can copy and paste directly in

    • An HTML file

Import an HTML email

  1. Go to Content > Email templates > Create blank email.

  2. Name your email and choose a default locale.

  3. Click Create new email.

  4. Choose Import HTML.

  5. Click Get started.

  6. Paste or import your email HTML code. We'll show you a preview of your email.

  7. Click Import to complete the process and create your project.

Edit and use an imported HTML email

Unlike emails designed from scratch, or from a prebuilt template, HTML emails can only be edited by making changes to the source code itself.

  1. From the email editor, switch the toggle from Preview to Source code.

  2. Make your edits to the source code.

  3. Switch the toggle from Source code back to Preview to see your changes.

  4. Once your template is done, click Publish to make it ready to use.

Use variables in an HTML email

If you're using variables in your HTML email, configure them using the Variable panel in the right-hand side.

You can use standard variables, e.g. {{variable}} for dynamic content blocks.

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