Access keys

Access keys provide a way to securely access the resources that you need to use without exposing your login credentials.

In the context of Bird, an access key is used to authenticate and authorize an application or user to interact with the Bird APIs.

Create an access key

  1. Go to your Organization Settings and click Access roles.

  2. Click on the Add new access key button.

  3. Enter a "Key name" and "Key description" that clearly describes the purpose of the access key.

  4. From the "Role" dropdown, select the access role that the new access key should be associated with.

  5. If you need to add additional access roles to this key, click on the Add new role button and select the appropriate role from the dropdown.

  6. Once you have selected all the necessary access roles, click the Create access key button.

  7. Your new access key will be displayed on the screen. Click Copy. Be sure to copy the Access key Secret, as it will not be shown again.

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