Agent Assistant

Agent Assistant requires an LLM Connector, such as OpenAI, Azure OpenAI, or Google Vertex AI.

The Agent Assistant uses AI to help your agents work more efficiently as they chat with customers in Inbox.

Once enabled, agents will have access to the following AI features, directly in Inbox:

  • Answer suggestion

  • Conversation summary

  • Rephrase

  • FAQ Answers

Answer suggestion

The answer suggestion AI feature allows agents to click a button during a conversation with a customer, and generate a suggested response, based on the history, topic, and tone of the conversation.

Agents can then choose to send the message as it was generated or customize it to fit their needs, without having to write an entire response from scratch.

Conversation summary

In situations where one agent has to hand a conversation over to another agent, or a new agent wants a quick run-down on the conversation so far, they can click a button to generate a conversation summary.

This will create a short internal note that will be added to the conversation, summarizing the exchange between customer and agent so far, and highlighting any key points, such as ‘customer complained about slow delivery’, or ‘agent said they could provide a discount for the customer’.


Sometimes an agent’s message—or an answer suggestion message—doesn’t have quite the right tone. It might be too happy when a customer is airing a serious complaint, or too serious when a customer is leaving good feedback.

The rephrase button allows customers to choose from a variety of tone options, and use AI to re-write their response in that tone.

FAQ Answers

To use FAQ Answers, you must first set up an FAQ model via the Generate FAQ Answers section in AI Hub.

Agents spend a lot of time handling common questions. The FAQ Answers tool allows them to quickly provide answers to FAQs by automatically generating an answer to a customer’s question from a pre-existing FAQ model and sending it to them directly from Inbox.

To use FAQ answers, you must select the model that you want to use from the drop-down during the Agent Assistant configuration.

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