Holiday search campaigns

Send targeted emails based on holiday searches.

In this guide, we'll show you how to create and send targeted email blasts to customers interested in holiday searches.

1. Create a dynamic segment

First, create a segment of users based on their vacation search activities. There are many ways to narrow down your target audience effectively.

  1. Go to the Marketing section of your workspace, then go to Audience > Lists & segments > Create new > Create new segment.

  2. In the Segment definition section:

    • Select Something was or was not done

    • Select Ordered confirmed > Zero times

    • Select in the last and select your desire time frame.

    • Optional: Define a specific SKU or Product ID (vacation name) they have not purchased.

  3. OPTIONAL - additional Segment Definitions:

    1. To see if they clicked a particular link in the past:

      • Select Something was or was not done

      • Select Email link Clicked > Zero times

      • Select in the last and select your desire time frame.

      • Optional: Specify a particular link or campaign they interacted with.

    2. To see if they have a particular interest:

      • Select Properties about someone

      • Select Interest

      • Select equals

      • Enter key word for holiday/vacations

    3. To see if they viewed a specific page:

      • Select Something was or was not done

      • Select Page view event > At least once

      • Select Over All time

      • Under Select event property, click Page URL

    4. To see if they did a search on your page:

      • Select Something was or was not done

      • Select Search submitted > At least once > Over All time

      • Optional: can select Search query terms > equals > [insert holiday], to show you the audience that used this query.

Save your segment.

Take a look at the screenshots to see how it's done.

Ordered confirmed

Email linked

Particular Interest

View a page

View a search

2. Build a holiday email template

Next, design a personalized targeted email based on holiday search patterns.

  1. Go to Content > Email templates.

  2. Create a new blank template or choose one from the template library.

  3. Use the drag-and-drop builder to create a visually appealing holiday-themed email.

  4. Add variables to personalize the subject line and body of the email.

    • Example subject line: Discover the best deals for your {{contact.attributes.holiday_search}} vacation!

  5. Test and Publish your template for use in the campaign.

3. Configure and send the email campaign

Set up the campaign to send the holiday search email blast.

  1. Go to Marketing > Campaigns > Create new campaign.

  2. Select Email as your campaign type and fill out the necessary campaign information.

  3. From the Send to drop-down, choose the segment you created earlier. You can select more than one list or segment.

    • [Optional] To exclude specific customers, use the Don’t send to drop-down to select the lists or segments to exclude.

  4. Configure the campaign settings, including UTM parameters for tracking.

  5. Next, fill out the Sender information section.

  6. In the campaign content, select the holiday email template created earlier.

  7. Map out your template variables.

  8. Click Schedule or send.


  • Use A/B testing to find the most effective email variations.

  • Personalize the content based on users' search history and preferences.

  • Send follow-up emails based on user engagement with the initial email.

  • For more information on sending an email click here.

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