Branded links

Increase brand recognition by personalizing short links with your own domain.

Branded links are only available for SMS and WhatsApp.

By default, when you add a link to an SMS message or WhatsApp message template, we shorten the link so that it can be used in UTM tracking.

Shortened links will always be a Bird domain that looks similar to this:

For example, the link might be shortened to something like this:

Branded subdomains

Branded subdomains combine a phrase that's representative of your brand, such as 'Bert's Bookshop' with our domain. Links that use branded subdomains might look like this:

The shorter your subdomain, the more space you'll have in your message for the rest of your content.

Set up a branded subdomain

Make sure that the subdomain you use is representative of your brand, or your account will be banned.

  1. From the sidebar, click Preferences.

  2. Click the Short links tab.

  3. Under 'Custom links' > 'Branded subdomain', click Add.

  4. Enter a subdomain.

  5. Check the preview, then click Create.

Branded domains

Branded domains require additional configuration in your DNS records, but give you complete control over the appearance of your short links. Once set up, your domain name will replace the domain in your short links.

So, instead of looking like this:

Your short links will look like this: bertsbooks/hufR276

Set up a branded domain

  • You must use your own domain.

  • To set up a branded domain, you will need access to your DNS settings.

  1. From the sidebar, click Preferences.

  2. Click the Short links tab.

  3. Under 'Custom links' > 'Branded domain', click Add.

  4. Enter your domain, such as

  5. Click Create.

  6. Copy the Validation code TXT record and add it to your DNS settings as a TXT record.

  7. Copy the A record and add it to your DNS settings.

  8. Click Verify and close.

DNS records may take some time to propagate. Once the DNS records are verified this domain will become active. In the meantime, your branded domain will be marked as 'Pending'.

If you've set up a branded subdomain or domain, any link you add to an SMS campaign message or a WhatsApp message template will be automatically shortened and customized.

You can toggle this feature off and on in the 'Campaign content' section while setting up a campaign.

Turning link shortening off will disable UTM tracking.

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