Create a segment

  1. From the sidebar, select Audience > Lists & segments.

  2. Name your segment.

  3. [Optional] Add a segment description.

  4. Use the 'Segment definition' section to define your audience. Specify which attributes and conditions the contacts should match. Start by selecting whether you want the audience to include contacts that match "All" or "Any" of the following attributes/condition groups.

  5. Filter contacts by attributes, or by condition groups, which are nested attribute filters. Choose from a range of filtering options, such as "has any value," "is unknown," "equals," and "starts with."

  6. Use "and/or" filtering functionality to combine different attributes and conditions.

  7. Contacts that match the criteria you have outlined are displayed in the list below. Once you're happy with your audience, click the Save Segment button.

Your audience has been saved. View it by clicking the Audience tab.

To save time, existing segments can be used as a foundation for building a new segment. Click New segment and select an existing segment from the list. This will automatically populate the new segments with the same criteria as the selected foundation.

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