WhatsApp is the most-used messaging app in the world, with over 2 billion monthly active users across 180 countries.

Getting started with WhatsApp

Ready to engage with your customers on WhatsApp? Let's set things in motion!

Step one: What you need

  • Personal Facebook account (needed for Meta Business Manager).

  • Your company’s legal name.

  • Your company's display name, which customers will see.

  • Your business website URL.

  • Business email address.

  • Company's phone number (used for sending WhatsApp messages).

  • Access to the phone number (for verification if using your own).

Step two: Install WhatsApp:

  1. Purchase or select a phone number from the Channels Marketplace.

  2. Link or create your Meta Business Manager and WhatsApp Business account to MessageBird.

  3. Select or set up your WhatsApp Business Profile.

Read our step-by-step WhatsApp installation guide.

Step three. Get WhatsApp Business Verification:

Ensure you have full access to all features by verifying your business. There are different trial experiences based on your verification status.

Step four: Use WhatsApp:

  • Engage in two-way conversations.

  • Use rich features like sending images and files.

  • Send messages via Inbox, Flows, or Campaigns.

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