Activate a number

Some numbers may require additional information to become active (Know-Your-Customer details). Once your number has been purchased, you’ll need to submit these additional details to activate the number before you can start using it. Immediately after purchasing a number, you’ll be given the option to skip activation and do it later, or activate now.

If you skip activation immediately after purchase, you can activate at any time by going to Channels > Numbers, and clicking the banner that says Activate it in a few simple steps.

Activation methods will vary by number type, but all will ask for your company details as a minimum.

  1. From the Activate numbers page, locate the number that you want to activate and click Fill requirements. The fill requirements panel will appear. If you have an approved KYC form, you can enter it here.

  2. In the Company name field, enter the legal name of your company or organization.

  3. Select the country that your company is registered in from the Country dropdown.

  4. Select the city that your company is located in from the City dropdown.

  5. Enter the street address in the Street address field.

  6. Enter the building number in the Street number field.

  7. Enter the postcode or zip code in the Postal code field.

  8. Click Submit form.

Repeat this process for every number that you want to activate.

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